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Noun: a yeahbut person is a person that cannot and will not be happy or satisfied under any circumstance no matter what the outcome of any situation. “Yeahbuts” are usually people with the least amount of information for the given subject but with the loudest mouths (see also keyboard warrior).
Mayor: “We are paving all the roads in the city this year.”
Citizen: “Yeahbut what about the sidewalks?”

Boss: “Here is a raise for absolutely no reason.”
Employee: “Yeahbut this will cut into my food stamp benefits.”

Radio DJ: “Congratulations! You just won an all expense paid trip to Jamaica!”
Listener: “Yeahbut I have a hair appointment scheduled that week.”
by Public Servitude May 10, 2019
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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A classic law school student -ism. Usually employed right before the speaker dives into an argument that has no sound basis in logic, reason, or this universe.
Le Frankliham - "Yeahbut, all I'm saying is we should ban all the gunz."

Reasoned opponent - "How did you get in here?"
by JediJedi April 02, 2013
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1. a phrase used to agree with an opponent in an argument, yet to continue your contempt, disdain, and disagreement with the conclusion

1a. the way to win ANY argument, ever.
Joe: Women should be bound to the kitchen, ironing my clothes, and cooking my dinner!

Mary: Women have equal rights, and can't be put down and kept in the kitchen where we have been basically used as slaves.

Joe: Yeah but..
by Josh Amaral June 23, 2007
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An ignorant person will use this phrase in a debate that they have already lost.
#1: "The earth is flat."
#2: "No, the earth is round."
#1: "Yeah, but..."
#2: "Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but but but. You sound like a fucking motor boat. Shut up."
by wotboa April 27, 2013
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A phrase used when satirizing a common kneejerk response.
Any time you criticize Islam the response is "Yeahbut what about Christians", as if people don't criticize Christianity all the time.
by SerenaBlackCat February 12, 2017
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When someone attempts to say, "Yeah, but (...)" etc, it will sound as though the two words are often combined into one, as if it were a small woodland animal. Hence, you obtain "Yeahbut". It is even more so funny when they say "fucking" afterwards, making it sound as though they plan on having intercourse with a small woodland animal.
"Yeah, but I disagree."
"Yeah, but fucking, I was totally not going to go."
"Yeah, but you forgot to include me."
"Yeahbut fucking is strictly NOT allowed in most states."
by Tater Tot Wojkowski November 11, 2006
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