Yazmine is the one girl you thought would be like any other once you get to know her, better yet, she will get to know you. She is is the smart quite person but that only makes her stand out. When she feels comfortable, she will speak up and express herself. Most of the times she hides her true feelings but is never scared to show them after all she's been through. She is a reliable source of worthiness, honesty, loyalty and a total powerhouse. Sometimes she may make more than a few errors in her quest for true love, or is it? May break a few hearts here and there but never blows her composure. Outgoing and very active in school activities. Always around her best two friends and loves to dress edgy. She would never wear anything else other than black until theirs another color darker than black.
"Hey do you know that one smart girl from our LULAC?

You mean, Yazmine? Yes I know her"
by Lionkickz September 24, 2018
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Yazmin is an amazing human being that only some people are lucky enough to have in their lives and when you do have her in your life you can't imagine not having her in your life

But beware she is not to be fucked with

She won't take crap from anybody
She said her name was Yazmin and at that very moment I knew she was the one for me
by freedrickbhogtrotter February 21, 2016
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Yazmine has one of the biggest hearts and cares for others. She loves to half fun and always puts others before her. Yazmine goes through so much and tries to keep a fake smile on. She is a great person and deserves the best in the world. She is beautiful both inside and out. She tries so hard to please others. She emotionally is never stable and had so so many feelings. Always be nice to Yazmine.. she always has something going on inside. She just hides it with a fake smile.
Yazmine is amazing and is one of the strongest girls you will ever meet.
by monkeybread782 April 13, 2018
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Yazmin is sweet, smart, athletic, and the definition of a good girl, but she has a wild side. You can never completely figure her out. She is frustrating, complicated, and has a spark in her soul that can’t be extinguished. No matter what happens, she stays positive and keeps her eye on the goal. She has a bangin body and gives great blow jobs. Her smile could melt the ice from a stone cold heart. No one can really tell what she is, but she looks like a bronze goddess with beautiful legs, a small waist, and long gorgeous hair. Yazmin is mature, but once you get to know her, you will find out that she is a kid at heart. She loves to have piggy back rides and is super competitive when it comes to games. She’s the kind of girl that a guy wants to put a ring on. When she speaks Spanish, no one can focus because she sounds so sexy. Yazmin is super driven and is one day going to be a millionaire. She’s every guys dream girl, but she is super insecure and doesn’t realize how amazing she is. If you date her, it would be a shame to let her go.
He fell in love with Yazmin not because she was gorgeous, but because she has a beautiful soul.
by That Filipino boy April 12, 2020
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Yazmine is a rebel ass bitch who likes to hang around her friends she has alot of friends but keep the main ones in one small group she most likely to be a hoe when shes single but when shes in a relationship shes loyal (depends on the nigga) shes really pretty and in between of going thick she most likely to have a boyfriend with the letter of J,T,K,D,E,M,N she is the realest bitch out there she will tell you straight up if she dont like you and she tends to get mad easy if her mood is fucked up dont ask her whats wrong she won't even answer you
Friend: I heard D been Talking Bout You!
Yazmine: Beatta Bitch Up?
Friend: Yup
by Kaitlyn Finger April 2, 2018
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the most amazing friend you could ever have!!! but dont fuck with her or she become your worse, always happy always postive and makes perfect sense always helping and always up for a wreck!! to be friends with yazmin is to be very Privilege!! she will not let you down!!
hey yazmin wanna get wrecked

yeah sound as mate
by eptastic February 5, 2010
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