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Yaz can either be used as a verb meaning 'to pee' or the sound it makes when you pee.
I gotta go take a huge yaz BRB.
You know when you pee and it sounds like Yaz?
by allie gee March 21, 2008
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The name of the greatest Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Mod player ever.

Yaz is used as a phrase to say "I got owned". This phrase is now used because no one can or ever will be better than Yaz in Battlefield 1942 w/Desert Combat Mod. Yaz is also said to express the infinite amount of ownage that Yaz has upon anyone in the game.
"I got Yazzed" (I got owned"
"Yaz" (Yaz owns everyone)
"OMG it's Yaz" (AHHH everyone is going to die a neverending death!)
"Hey Yaz" (I'm going to get owned by Yaz")

etc etc
by Monkeyhead January 29, 2005
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the way people from inner city, especially from New York say you.
Person from suburbs: "Hey, are you guys going to the movies today?"
Person from the inner city "yo, are yaz niggaz going to da movies?"
by ingoeinrgoie January 10, 2013
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Slang word for cocaine, shortend form of "yeyo".
There was enough yaz being snorted at that party to cover the Himalayas twice over.
by Dr Claw April 18, 2007
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lovely, inspirational young women. some day might be president. big ambitions. if you could design a person, this would be it.
"i wish i was yaz!"
"I pure bum off yaz"
by yazzzzzzzz November 22, 2006
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Usually a girl that likes to party and go out and well not give a fuck. Also enjoys in taking part in a thot ritual the "LTC" which is short for loving the crew.
damn it our daughter needs to snap out of being a yaz she's ping crazy.
by silevi July 07, 2014
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