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A moroccan male who is straight up just an awesome person. He doesn't give two shits about anything and he's always in a chill mood.

He takes great care of his friends and he's just simply an amazing person to be around. Anyone who knows him is pretty lucky.
"Dude Yassine is pretty awesome"
"Man that Yassine pulls!!"
"I wish I was Yassine"
by beanz1994 July 01, 2013
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Moroccan male who has a tendency of screwing up every situation and at the same time turn a simple problem into a really big one. Can be used as a noun or verb.
"Jonny is such a yassine"
"Glen, you really yassined that situation"
by Lionel Sayag July 21, 2006
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Any flamboyant moroccan male, also known as a dandy. Loves galavanting in over the top tight ass outfits and making as much a spectacle of himself as he can while maintaining class.
Did you see that yassine last night dancing on the pole.
by flashy-clashy August 25, 2010
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an ambigous guy with several blood types, that appears to be South American, but identifies as African, but has a shaped face of Dutchseland. personality: shy upon first acquaintance, silent type with small talk, doesn't often share personal stories, kind and asks questions about personal life, always drinks espresso (black), appreciates originality and give good career advice to inspiring or aspirational creatives to push them or allow them another perspective or to educate them on how to have a career (beginner tips), can be aggressive / foreign ideas / clashes with Americans, will eat if you cook (does not like to cook), diverse understanding of the world / news / magazines / culture, close friends and laughed often, loved cookies, was neat, was ingenuitive with broken things, didn't mind poverty, could always find him in an alley, walked often, never had bread in the apartment, had pretty friends, goofy dancer.
Yassine, Yassine, g wiz
by case and point July 19, 2018
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huge lightweight without many talents. tends to act like a bucktee and move bare wassi
yo did you see that mans moving like a yassine?
by 5thglen November 12, 2018
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