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One of the most badass towns in Maine. From the superstar sports to the biggest party of the summer (The Clam Festival) this town is unrivaled in its ability to provide a great time. Whether you're fishing, chillin at the Andy's dairy bar, or just getting fucked up on PBR at a house party, you can't go wrong in Y-Town.
Bro: Where should we go for a fuckin sweet time tonight?

Other Bro: I don't know man, I heard there was going to be a massive house party including flannel, hot chicks, and whiskey shots to the face in Yarmouth.

Bro: Yeah, yarmo always provides some mad fun.
by MaineBro December 08, 2010
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A small rural town in the most isolated place in Nova Scotia. Three hours away from the capital, Halifax, and five hours to get out of Nova Scotia, unless you take the ferry. Only two types of people, rednecks and gangsters. You either hunt & fish or deal & grow drugs.
Gangster: Lets go to Yarmouth, they got good weed down there.
Redneck: Lets go to Yarmouth, they got lots of fish and deer to kill.
by HaligonianNS November 08, 2009
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A small drinking town with a fishing problem, the the nether region of Rural Nova Scotia.
I'm sooo wasted. Hey, let's go fishing to make more money for more booze!" ... "You must be from Yarmouth!
by Iwillnevergoback April 27, 2011
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Yarmouth Nova Scotia - A small town & fishing port in South Western Nova Scotia. Home to friendly people, beautiful scenery,quaint shops & many talented Artists of all venues.
Yarmouth has many attractions such as The Cape Forchu Lighthouse build in 1840, it is 1 of 2 apple-core style lighthouses in all of North America, The worlds smallest working Drawbridge is found in Sandford (just a short drive from the town) & some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.
Yarmouth also hosts many family friendly events like Yarmouth`s Seafest celebration featuring Driftwood Art, Seafest Street Parade, Mammoth Garden Sale, Fireworks on the Waterfront, Rudders Parade of Lights & many more activities. Other annual events include The Sou'Wester Biker Rally & The Shark Scramble made famous by the Record Mako Shark caught in 2004 weighting in at 1082 lbs.
I have listed only a few things to do & see in Yarmouth, come for a visit, stay for awhile & see what it has to offer.
Yarmouth has beautiful sunsets & friendly people
by hometown girl February 02, 2013
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