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Typically posing as some sort of Love or Tolerance Festival, a Street Parade is a chance for washed out ravers from the early 90s to dance like idiots in front of crowds of usually younger, yet equally idiotic individuals, thus trying to re-ignite what was the rave seen of the last 20th century.

For those of a younger generation, a street parade is a chance to dress up in outrageous, tacky or down right slanderous outfits and get excessively intoxicated on a various assortment of narcotics and drinks.

At such festivals and parades, one will find a substantial amount of shirtless men, and to a lesser extent, women. Many of these characters will be above the age at which one can realistically attend these parades (i.e. late forties, when you should be focusing on family and jobs, instead of trying to be young). Those who are of a suitable age to "rave" will no doubt bear resemblance to characters in the hit TV series "Jersey Shore", and those who don't won't look like they're having much fun.

The music will always be some sort of electronic debauchery (unless advertised otherwise), be it House, Electro, Techno, Hardstyle e.t.c.
and anyone with even a minimal grasp of good music will be appalled. Not that one can really hear the music, as the speakers are so loud that all can be heard is thudding bass or some ridiculously high pitched synth.
Raver1: This is epiccccc!

Raver2: Yeah maannnnnn

Citizen1: Fancy going to Street Parade?

Citizen2: I'm all right thanks, having other men's armpits in my face, while listening to rubbish music isn't my idea of fun.

Citizen1: You're right, let's just stay at home, drink beer and have a Barbecue, like normal people.
by EffhouseintheA August 14, 2011
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