Yare is the sweetest girl you will meet. She will be rude at first but she’s the best friend ever once you get to know her, yare is a beautiful person. She can also be really annoying but you won’t regret being friends with her.
I wanna be with that girl name yare
by February 18, 2021
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The best motherfucker in Aurora, IL. Yare resides at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. People do not have sex here.
You often see seniors sacrificing sophomores to please the magical spirit of Yare.

Can be used as a verb.
I came to IMSA just for Yare.

Boy 1: that girl is a yare.
Boy 2: that's right dude no one would fuck her.

Girl 1: we totally yared that sophomore.
Girl 2: you totally did! Let's do it again tonight.
by Imsasian August 20, 2011
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imagine being that guy who's able to say "yare yare" in his everyday life
Jotaro: yare yare
by my names jotaro kujo March 21, 2020
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Yare yare is a word that has a meaning of Kusuo Saiki, it is used when something is boring, annoying or needs to be perfected.
Saiki k.:"yare yare"
by ÝÃŘÊ ÝÃŘÉ December 7, 2020
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Yare yare is a word the all saiki k fans can not get out of there head
Saiki : yare yare
Fans : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Non saiki fans: are u ok
by 123dog13 April 27, 2021
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Yareli is such a loving person with a kind heart but doesnt know how to express her feelings torwards people/things. She is such a smiley person and funny! Yareli is so beautiful although she can change moods real quick. If you ever have a chance to meet a Yareli she is a handful but is worth it!
Girl: "Have you talked to the new girl Yareli?"

Me: "No she seems very quiet but fun!"
by BrittMar2 March 31, 2018
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