see also: Joline

Jolyne is usually a person who is pretty chill. they usually like to listen to rockish music and they get boyfriends easy and stick with them long. they have brown hair usually if they have blonde they a little on the slutty side. when they are younger they are a bit of a nerd, but they do grow up to be wonderful. their voices are very pretty. also jolyne means, she´s a fighter and very brave.
Jolyne was so rocking at that concert.
by chiquititatellmewhatswrong February 3, 2010
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Jolyne is a nice person she is usually very pretty and very socialable most people probably won’t like her but will miss her when she is gone
Jolyne is better than you
by Loveydove 12 July 6, 2018
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A strong willed woman, up for anything! Can be wild at times and may need to calm her down sometimes. Drop dead gorgeous and is an amazing, caring friend. You’d be lucky to have her as a friend, or girlfriend or even just to know her. Treat her well and don’t break her heart cuz she packs a punch!
Damn that girls a real Jolyn
by Dhidjdhjdjhd December 28, 2017
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An angelic being that crashed down from heaven to earth. Has eyes that sparkle like a room of one-thousand diamonds with the sun beating inside. Has a laugh like an angel should, like a harmony of a thousand of them. Great all around. If you come across one. KEEP HER/HIM AROUND!
Wow! That picture of the angel looks like a JOLYN
by TheTellerOfAlI July 26, 2017
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Jolyn is quite but has a great sense of humour. Will always joke around with you. Very reserved, smart, and can be responsible.
“Hey Jolyn, it’s a great day today.”
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Jolyne Cujoh is the main character of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part VI and the first female JoJo ever. She is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and served time in jail for the crimes she committed for her father's attention (not really, she was framed). She is best described as serious, confrontational, abrupt, a̶n̶d̶ h̶̶o̶̶t̶̶ a̶̶s̶̶ f̶̶u̶̶c̶̶k̶̶. For most of the part she and her comrades are on the mission of retrieving Jotaro's memories, Stand, and DISC as it was stolen by Enrico Pucci (the main antagonist of the part) using his Stand: Whitesnake. She later helps and contributes to the fight against a powered up Pucci alongside her dad and others
Fan: My favorite character is actually Jolyne Cujoh from part 6
by TheProGuyDudeBro December 1, 2020
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