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A loving and caring person with a sexy ass. Yannics are usually shy but have a big heart for evey nice person. They enjoy being around other people and are either French, German, or from Belgium.
Random Girl One: 'Yannic made me smile again today when he said that my hair looks pretty.'
Random Girl Two: 'Aw. Thats sooo cute, you should go out with him!'
by farmvillefreak November 02, 2010
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a person who has mental problems, a small penis and who doesnt know how to get girls.
Yannics are usually retarded ( they get caught with weed in their pants) and suck at tennis.
they normally have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Yannics always ask other people for money to buy food.
Most of them work at an arena and can barely use the scoreboard...

Since he broke up with azy, he became such a yannic!
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