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Yanet is a somewhat short girl who just likes to have fun! Yanet is has soany friends and is loved by everyone who meets her. She is the best girlfriend any guy could ever find. So anyone who let her go would reject waving et because she is a frat girlfriend, she gives great kisses, she'll do manly things with you like talk about sports and play video games, and most of all, she's great in bed;) Yanet is a great friend. She is great at keeping secrets(well...sometimes) but she is always keeping up with gossip. Yanet will tease you a lot but always end up with the same answer "just kidding". Even though she is always serious. Yanet loves to sing! A lot! It annoys other people but they'll get used to it sooner or later. Point is, Yanet is a great person to be around
Luis: Dude, I just found myself a Yanet
Cole: Really bruh

Luis: Yeah, she's the best Yanet I've ever found
by May 28, 2015
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An amazing girl. She is somewhat short, has amazing hair, smells great, and has an amazing smile. She is just so....AMAZING. And she is a amazing girlfriend, very loving, great kisser, so sweet. She's intelligent and I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Yanet is AMAZING.
Raymond and has a girlfriend and she's so Yanet!!!!
by RM? March 27, 2015
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The most amazing girl you can find. She is a really good friend and very beautiful. She has great taste in music and fashion and never looks weird.
I want a Yanet type if friend.
by Izzy_girl7102 January 08, 2017
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