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A sweet cute girl. That gets mad for the littlest things but always care for the person she loves. If she loves you then you have nothing to worry about. She's loyal asf. She will always make you happy. Never make a Yamini mad. It's bad for you. But once you fall in love with her there is no escaping she's the best girl to be in love with. She's perfect and the best girlfriend, wife to have ever. She will make you happy in every way.
If you have a Yamini you don’t need to worry about love.
by Nj>IL January 08, 2018
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a person who atleast has a life and knows her grammar
omg u are such a yamini atleast u arent a whore like ashil and emil and finn
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by ashilthedicktard July 20, 2016
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a stupid bitch. Long titty, no nipple having ass bitch. 2 times 2 not knowing what the fuck it is bitch.
Don't be a Yamini girls, you'll regret it all your life.
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by pressedlikeneverbefore June 23, 2016
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