The kindest person you will ever meet. He is very nice, funny, and sweet. He will do anything for his family and friends.
by Booooo...I scared you July 18, 2013
The kindest person you will ever know, with a heart of gold. He would do anything for you. And is extremely handsome. Fun, loving, loves to laugh and is a great friend.
Yamil dnve
by Shawna dee December 21, 2010
Talented beautiful girl. With beautiful brown eyes who wait your heart skip a beat.Often misjudged and made to seem like a terrible person, but in reality she’s a sweet heart. Will do anything for her friends, and loves with everything she’s got. Someone you don’t want to let go of. Heart of gold, filled with happiness and the most out going person you’ll ever meet.
Who is that? oh that’s Yamil!
by epic man! April 6, 2019
Classmate (damn look at that Darcy ass Asian boy I think his name is yamil)
by Jdudhd May 18, 2019
A very nice sweet kind beautiful smart girl who doesn't know it. Guys fall for her since she's nice and beautiful. She sings and or plays insturments. She gets good grades and is considered a good kid. She loves her friends and will do anything for them. She had high hopes and day dreams alot about becoming famous or really popular.
Wow! I wanna be just like Yamil.
by Spider101 June 30, 2016
Yamils are the best person you’ll meet I love them so much they can just lighten your day by just doing anything tbh I love yamils so much!<3 love Aubrey
Idk yamils just Yamil<33
by Aubs<333 January 24, 2022
A kind hearted person who will always do her best, who brings the best out of you, and before you know it. She has your ♥️
I bet her name is Yamile cause she’s out of my league!
by Amerxican May 7, 2019