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An idiotic 5,000 year old spirit with a weird obsession with children's card games and "mind crushing" people. He has absolutely no memory of who he is and somehow wins nearly every game (Which wouldn't be so bad if there was an explanation of why he wins other then "He's the main character's (Yuugi) alter ego.) He also never shuts ups the "heart" of the cards.

- That is the American version
Manga Version:
A "psychopathic' 3,000 year old spirit with a weird obsession with all games. In the first seven volumes (The Shadow Games) he forces his host into a state of unconsiousness. During this time he challenges criminals to children's games and wins. (Unlike the American version there is a "reason" why the pyschopathic version of Yami Yuugi wins all the games. He never really actually wins if you think obout. His opponents' "sins" make the opponent lose.) After winning he plays a "penalty game" with the loser, inflicting pyschological toture on the loser. Often this toture is so great the victim end up feeling physical pain and in some cases commits suicide. In the later volumes (Duelist) Yami Yugi (realizes he has no idea who he is and decides to have the rest of the gang, which in the manga aren't complete idiots and have interests other then card games and "friendship", help him. However, unlike the Amercian version of Yami Yuugi, the manga version plays other games besides card games and seems to enjoy toturing people.
Me after watching the American Version of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yami Yugi is probably the stupidest character ever! Honestly, he's the main character's alter ego! You'd think the creator of this show would give the main character's alter ego a more interesting personality and interests other then card games and "mind crushing" people.

Me after reading "The Shadow Games" and volumes 1 through 15 of "Duelist": ... I'm unsure which is more disturbing, the fact that Yami Yuugi challenges criminals to children's games, the fact that he inflicts pyschological totoure on them after winning, or the fact that he seems to enjoy it. No that not it. The most disturbing thing is that he takes over the main character's body just to do these things. Wow, I'm surprised nobody bothered to send the main character to a pyschiatrist or a priest yet.

Once again 4Kids demonstrated their power to turn a "pyshco" into a complete idiot.
by pyschotoidiot June 13, 2011
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