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1. To throw away a glorious opportunity.
2. (in football) To kick a ball past a goal when it's much easier to score.
3. To miss.

1. One who goes out of his way to throw away glorious opportunities.
2. One who takes out the trash.
3. An overrated footballer.
4. A heartbreaker, usually breaking 150 million hearts at once ugly creature found in the mountains, but sometimes straying on to the soccer pitch
Wife: Wow! Cody just spoke his first word! I hope you recorded that
Husband: Oh no! I Yakubu'd it!

Emile Heskey wakes up every morning thanking heavens that he is not a Yakubu
by solution23 June 22, 2010
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A Yakubu is a way of taking penalty in football (soccer). It involves calmly strolling upto the ball and waiting until the keeper dives one way before passing it into the other corner at a slowish pace.
He has done a yakubu there to score for his team from the penalty spot
by my name is yakubu February 05, 2007
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greatest striker in premiership from his part of the world
what a goal from yakubu

that was a yakubu of a goal
by marc james monet April 27, 2004
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