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Yahli is a Hebrew name growing in popularity for both girls and boys.

(Yah=God, Li=For me) The meaning of the name is "God is for me", or in other words "God is with me". And those that have been named Yahli seem to feel it is in fact, true. As they tend to be spiritually guided, highly gifted and incredibly unique. They excel in leadership and creative expression. They are destined for greatness.

Yahli is also the name of a well-known Female Influencer and Coach (one of the original girls named Yahli, back in 1983) she is known for making people's lives better, more fun, expressive and epic.

She was the inspiration behind the rising term "Yahlified". People's lives that she's touched got so much better, they felt they "just got Yahlified!".
Person One: Whoa...! My Life has been getting so much better, I can't stop smiling !!
Person Two: You must have met Yahli :)

Person One: Wow, Did you just get Yahlified? Your hair is Sooo Cool and you have an amazing vibe, I'm so inspired.
Person Two: Yep, it was a total Yahlification.
by UrbanTermMaster June 11, 2018
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The true definition of Yahli in Hebrew is the light of the moon. Yahli can be a boy or a girl. Quite but once you get to know them they are truly crazy. They are cool and fun to talk with. They have a special skill.
Man1: did you see the moon at night
man2: you mean the yahli
by Jack-brandon March 21, 2017
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Yahli is a nice dude he is very smart and has a lot of friends he is very powerful and was born to be a leader Yali is very handsome
Girl1: That guy has so many friend and he is so handsome
Girl2 he is definitely a Yahli
by Jack-brandon March 21, 2017
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She is a super popular girl that is short cute and gossips all the time. She has a lot of hair and is very funny. She's always going places with her friends and can't help but smiling.
Where are u going yahli?
Out with my friends.
by Teddy <3 November 30, 2014
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