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A Yago is often misunderstood, polarizing. Yago is hard to define and it's meaning doesn't translate accurately to most human languages. Intelligent, yet stupid. Charming, yet brutish, empathetic, yet inpatient, etc. Yago is sometimes mistaken for Yargo, Yāgo, Diago, Diego, or Diablo.
"That guy is such a Yago! He's really nice, but also a big jerk."

"Yes, you're correct. He's an oxymoron, an enigma. The only way to describe him is with a word without a clear definition."
by budkins719 December 18, 2018
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A hot kid normally in middle school. Most likely popular and has tons of friends. Great at sports. A total charmer.
Yea, he's such a Yago!
by xxdrgxx July 28, 2010
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It is actually a combination of 5 seperate words mashed together to form one awesome slang term. When you break it down, it really means "You are all going to".
Yago fix my shit! or "Yago make me lose my mind up in here"
by Tom bo August 07, 2008
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When I looked down at the man's feet, I could tell he was a Yagos.
by Jon August 30, 2003
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Yago has to meanings..

1st. Yago is a jumble of words used as a Phrase.

e.g You are all Going to

2nd. Yago is slang for a Mosher, Emo , Grunger, Goth Whatever you call it.
1st Definition:

Kids dad walk in on his and mates Bong Session and Yells " Yago fuck up your lifes like that "

2nd Definition:

1st Skinhead : Fuck all to do round here son you up for looking for some yagos to smash.

2nd Skinhead: Yeahh to right thers one aaaaaaaahhhhhhgggghhhhhhhrrrgghh *Smah* *Boom* *Wollop*

by Mitch Wagwaan March 09, 2009
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Tipical kind guy wich tries to help you .He sometimes is a little closed minded but always he will be with you.
A:Hey yago

B:everthing right?
by Sosores January 16, 2018
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