A game that can be initiated by both genders. 2 or more people slowly move their hand towards a private area of another, while repeating over and over "Are You Nervous? Are You nervous?", until the person being touched says yes or no. it has been said that if the person being touced says nothing throughout, you can bet they are not a virgin. It is common for men to use it as a pick-up technique by asking a girl, "Hey. Wanna Play Are You Nervous?"
A Guy and a girl decide to play Are You Nervous. The boy slowly runs his hand up the girl's abdomen repeating the quoted phrase above. If she yelps or says yes before he reaches her breast, she is either uncomfortable or desperate to cling on to her virginity. If she says no, she might be aroused. If she says nothing, others are led to believe she is not a virgin.
by Norma Jean Beckenhiem March 08, 2008
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Game. Where you touch another person till they become nervous. Once you are nervous you say "yes" to the que "Are you nervous" and lose the game. The person who sustains the longest duration of touches and grazes wins the game.

Common techniques are stroking the inner thigh, cupping the wenis, tickling necks, fingerering ear lobes, noses, or any holes.
Person 1: *touches thigh near knee* Are you nervous?
Person 2: No..
Person 2: *touches person 1's mid thigh* Are you nervous??
Person 1: No.
Person 1: *touches inner thigh almost brushing again genitals* Are you nervous?
Person 2: Uhm yes.. get the fuck away from me cunt.

Game over.
by Sexxx12234 August 27, 2010
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When a guyy is running his hand up a girls shirt and keeps going further upward until she is nervous.
Guy: Want to play are you nervous yet?
Girl: Sure
(guys hand goes up almost to girls tits)
Guy: you nervous?
Girl: not at all.
by Gabbie! <33 February 10, 2010
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