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Green eyed handsome, sexy guy that is the love of a girls life.
Irresistible cuban usually. Jealous sometimes.

Lovable all the time,

Shannen is usually the girl he's meant to be with (:
by YSDB November 28, 2009
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The most amazing man in the whole world. Someone that will steal your heart, and never give it back. He is so damn breathtaking. Every time you see him you will nearly faint. Yadiel is the type of man to send you the best memesin his private collection, but he is also the type to send 1 second nudes on Snapchat (what a shame). Yadiel has amazing hair and features. He has big hands that kind of resemble wreck-it-Ralph, and he has big ass ears. He also kinda sucks at fortnite, but that ok because you will still love him either way. Yadiel is smart, the most smartest man you’ll ever meet in your existence. He also the most kind and understanding. Yadiel is very shy and quiet though, and had a resting bitch face 99% of the time. When you first see him, I bet you’ll fall in love with him because of his charm and funny jokes. Yadiel loves taco bell, and stealing other people’s jokes that you for sure came up with. He will never admit it though. Yadiel is a great boyfriend, and if you know a yadiel hold on to him. God knows I’m gonna hold on to mine...forever <3
Damn did you see yadiel over there, he’s looking fine asf today
by Yeetyeetlettuce October 04, 2018
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Yadiel is a shining armor type of guy! He is successful at everything he puts his mind too. He is totally a sports guy, a mans man if you will, all of his friends love to be around him because he has this positive attractive energy to him, and if you win the special place of being his lady, you hit the jackpot! He is a total lover and will do anything to protect the ones he loves. You might not want to make him angry though, for as hard as he loves, he also hurts hard when you wrong him. Yadiel is a very unique guy and if you catch him you might never want to let go!
by Wise Observations April 20, 2019
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A great guy with an extremely big heart. Always very nice and sweet.

Yadiel will always fully support you, and his promises are never broken. He is easy to get along with, always somebodys reason to smile. Hes handsome, sexy, tall, and has the sexiest voice that makes you melt. His lips and eyes would give anyone chills.

Hes usually dominican.

And usually fit for someone named Makyah.
Omg yadiel is just so perfect.

Get yourself a yadiel
by Princessmak April 22, 2018
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