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"Ya nan" is commonly used as an insult towards people who you dislike or envy. Ya is and abbreviation of the word your. The use of their Nan in the insult shows you are willing to 'dis' their Family!
"You are and Idiot Jack"
"Well least I don't look like Ya nan!"
by Billybongo November 08, 2007
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A YanAn is a very caring person that likes to be around people. He can be sensitive at times but still wants to make people happy even tho they are sad. It is rare to find a YanAn! He can have an amazing voice that is appreciated by close friends! He is cute and huggable. YanAn has very good looks that he even melt everybody's hearts around them! He can be random at times, but funny at the same time. YanAn's smile is very beautiful! If anyone finds a YanAn, keep them because they are very special and loyal.
Girl: "YanAn is so cute he makes my heart flutter so much!"
Girl 2: "Whoever is dating him is very fortunate to have an angel as a boyfriend!"
by Peachy Mochi November 20, 2018
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A way to say attractive grandmother. Often used by people with little or no intelligence.
I goosed ya nan while screaming "Wiiigii!".
by Shmoo December 11, 2004
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the most kind and honest girl, sweet and caring, very patient and trustworthy. She has the ability to make you smile, and will do it for you any day. Her shy and kind personality will make you soft, a kind kpop stan thats always by your side.
Yan An is really nice!

Right? We all need a Yan An in our lives!
by aikaloves June 01, 2018
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