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"Ya nan" is commonly used as an insult towards people who you dislike or envy. Ya is and abbreviation of the word your. The use of their Nan in the insult shows you are willing to 'dis' their Family!
"You are and Idiot Jack"
"Well least I don't look like Ya nan!"
by Billybongo November 08, 2007

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From the latin word Raga which mean Dirty This insult is too insult their facial features and how Ugly They look. Other words Like Ragamuffin and Ragasaurus are all related to this word.
"Ewww Kerry W face is such a Ragaface!"
by BillyBongo December 05, 2007

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The word Raga Derives from latin meaning Dirty it is commonly used in conjustion with other words to create insults.
Ragamuffin,Ragasaurus and Ragaface.
"She is such a Raga!"
by BillyBongo December 05, 2007

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