A word describing an individuals foolishness and lack of overall intelligence, rather than physical appearance, heftiness or pudginess.
Johnson: "Yo Clarence, why did you kick my cat... YA FAT."
Clarence: "Soz Johnson, he ate all my chicken giblets"
by cooltheo September 6, 2009
listen here ya fat cunt
John- you succ
Me- listen here ya fat cunt
by Hurricane Jose September 29, 2017
Penguin: Sir
Cowbelly: what
Penguin: you're too blue to be here
Cowbelly: Listen up here ya fat cunt
by A Grammer Nazi May 27, 2017
Fat Ugly bitch impossible for a human male is to have sex due to the huge internal volume of her Vagina.

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When the FAT BITCH is impregninated the FAT BITCH is able to give birth to a another FAT BITCH thus spreading the FAT BITCH Species. The gestation time is less then a week to to the volume of food ingested per day.
by FAT BITCHES SHOOT EM!!! September 17, 2018