Cowbelly: comment award submissions are open Me: (goes on urban dictionary and fucks a mouse)
by Tinystilton May 1, 2017
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Someone who steals memes so others can steal memes from him.
You Stole that meme from Cowbelly you fucking anusface
by Judgino November 3, 2017
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A sadistic asshole with no respect for someone and his or her's memes.
"God, he's such a Cowbelly"

"Fuck that stupid Cowbelly"

"Go fuck yourself, Cowbelly"

"For the love of god, Cowbelly"

"Listen up here ya fat Cowbelly"
by Zodazzle June 16, 2017
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The god of all memes with his hit series Comment awards on YouTube.
He was also known for making a joke out of Club penguin before its' demise in 2017.
Person: "Hey it's Cowbelly! I hope he accepts my submission for comment awards"
Me: "Nah fam he never checks that shit"
by Wimblebimble September 9, 2017
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A fat cunt who is mostly famous for making the Youtube Series "Comment Awards", where memes are showcased. He is also a penguin.
Person A: Hey what are you doing?
Person B: Im trying to submit memes to Comment Awards, but that daft cunt Cowbelly won't let me!
by DeepFriedDump April 9, 2019
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A fucking penguin trying to act like a humans and being a meme stealer
I just cowbelly as being a meme stealer yo ass, just like I fucked you in club penguin
by Actual Facts u cunts June 2, 2019
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