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The sound Soulja Boy makes when comunicating with others.

Dogs bark, cats meow and Soulja Boy YUUUU!'s
Jim: Hey whats up soulja boy


Jim: Your such a fucking moron. And by the way, your music is shit.
by piss ball September 14, 2008
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When you have secured the bag, and successfully made meth. You scream "yuuuuuuus"

"yus" can almost be used when having boom boom with bloke around the couner (couner is 'corner' in Britain)
oh, I fucking put it in, and I screamed "yuuus" or "I just got rid of my yee yee ass haircut at lloyds!"

The definition of 'yus' is a way of celebrating a rather unusual circumstance. Like if you have smashed a top bloke, or if you were fired from your shit job. It's used in an ironic sense, where you're celebrating a bad situation. "I screamed 'yuuuuus' when I sold meth." The positive is that you have made some money, but the bad side is that now you're a criminal Or, if you rip your foreskin, because her ass is
by Sad act prrrick January 11, 2019
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