People often know the term "Ysk" ask in "You should know". But when it comes to slang use, like Instagram, Twitter, etc. 'Ysk' means 'Young Savage Kid'. The term 'Ysk' was originally made by ysk.aaliyah
Hey you should go follow ysk.aaliyah on Instagram!
by Shitanious January 12, 2018
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Ysk is a type of person that is loyal to his code or something that he does they usually are the type to take someone’s girlfriend and not give a shit about anyone else’s feelings when he isn’t upset or angry and he doesn’t think of things that he does till he has done it bur he is mostly correct and he is always in charge what he says is what happens no matter what.

Ysk is the person u will want to be around all the time and the type of person u will need and want in your life
Never try and move to a girl when Ysk is in the room cuh he will take the girl and just bounce
by Drillerrr December 20, 2018
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