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-synonym: YOLO
-replaces L with R (reference to asian accents)
-used when doing risky things or when being a #badass
-asian word for YOLO
-not to be confused with you only row once
Clau: "Ughh we have so much homework!"
Analle: "I know right! Man I'll never get to sleep :( "
Niznet: "YORO. I ain't doin this. -_- "
by niznet24 January 27, 2014
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You Only Renovate Once
Term used to describe the frustration a man often feels when hes undertaking a home renovation. Especially if his wife is giving him grief about the lack of progress of the renovations and constantly changing the specifications and decor choices.
Hey man, how's the new kitchen coming along? Dude....I'm fucking over it. YORO!!
by WBASOC November 18, 2013
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You only Rumspringa Once.

Rumspringa = Coming from the dutch word for "running around", this is the wildness that ensues when amish kids turn 16. They are given complete freedom to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sex. I suddenly like the amish a lot more.
Dude, I f*cked like 40 bitches in the back of my buggy. YORO
by teambitties October 02, 2012
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etymology: yo(SE Asian for beast) + ro(SE Asian for fighter)

1) Any of a group of large, fat, obnoxious lesbians who happen to smell like dog poo
"Holy fat lesbo! Batman just got ran over by a yoro!" -Robin

by Butch Davidson Skywalker May 21, 2008
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