Putting all your earnings in an extremely high-risk stock, so that you can either make a huge profit or lose it all.
Jimmy: Yo Chad, I'm YOLOing my entire earnings from McDonald's on TSLA stocks.

Chad: ahahah, you're such a degenerate
by u/daddyelon September 9, 2020
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the act of doing something exciting, stupid, or just anything someone feels like saying YOLO before they do it.
-Jake: "Hey Drake, are you gonna drink tonight?"

Drake: "Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah!"

Jake: "You're our ride home!"

Drake: "YOLO!"

Jake: "This is not a good time for YOLOing! You need to drive us home."
by Wilb11 May 23, 2012
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This feeling when you don't have a care in the world, and just enjoy your life.
"I'm YOLOing right now!!!"
by Urmommy5279 August 19, 2022
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Refers to the act of young white males that are going HAM in that club. YOLOing can mean dancing like crazy, fist pumping, jumping, shouting, and looking like a tool simultaneously. Many times the boys are rolling on MDMA and/or very intoxicated.
"Did you see those guys going hard at The Guvernment on Canada Day?"

"Yeah, they were totally YOLOing."
by Sydney Blu July 18, 2012
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“Put your seatbelt on.” Jessica said.
“HAH, YOLO!” Replies Anna.
(They then proceed to have a car crash. Long story short...Wear a seatbelt.)
by Soy ugly April 24, 2019
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An overused acronym for "You only live once." There is an exception for those who believe in reincarnation or are cats.
—I got up.
—I inhaled.
—I exhaled.
—I took a shit.
—I flushed the toilet.
—I stretched.
by FYRE150 May 27, 2012
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