The legendary sentence said by Jedi Master Joko-Wi-Dodo, the master of Hoetank lightsaber form
"Yo ndak tau kok tanya saya" means "Yo idk why u ask me"
A: what happened in israel 2040
by Tr4ce0n May 17, 2021
YNTKTS is an abbreviation in Indonesian which means 'yah, ndak tahu kok tanya saya' or in English it is called 'yeah, I don't know how come I asked.
A: Hi sir, why is the dollar price in our country rising?
by AnotherWi May 15, 2021
"Ya, ndak tahu, kok tanya saya?" was a sentence uttered by the Indonesian president. Roughly translated to "Well, I don't know. Why are you asking me?"

Boils down to basically "Idk". Is appropriate to use whenever "Idk" is in demand.
Q: What's Lincoln's favorite food?
by Skidibupap December 9, 2021
YNTKTS Is an Indonesian acronym of "Yah ndak tahu, kok tanya saya" roughly translating to "I don't know, why even ask me". It was popularized by Indonesian President Joko Widodo when he said it during a press conference. "YNTKTS" is often used by Indonesian "netizen" kind of like how we use the acronym "idk".
Alex: Dude where are my keys
by nasgor22 June 15, 2022