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A clever acronym, which stands for "YOU GAY FOO", to call out overly homosexual friends when they engage in homosexual behavior.
Friend One: "Dude Saar just touched that dude's crouch"
Friend Two: "Saar! YGF!"
Saar: :(
by VJNGF June 02, 2011
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A massive North London gang.
These boys are not be messed with.
They control the whole north London grime and drug scene.
"RUN, YGF are coming"
by James Scoot May 16, 2007
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Your Girls Favirite , YGF is a Gadsden Boy Group, that Dances its like a brotherhood
YGF Your Girls Favorite🍫💦
by AppleJakk YGF Miliner March 23, 2016
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A meaningless sequence of consonants not spelling any word, which happens to appear when a person drums fingers on a keyboard; often signifying an anti-word/anti-meaning persona.
dude1: Man, these tv shows are so ygf nowadays...
dude2: I can't even describe how ygf they are
dude1: Hey, look at that chick... she's really ygf...
dude2: Dude, that dishwasher's ygfing again...
by Joe from Dallas March 20, 2004
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Dad: Yeah, I'm taking my kids to a justin bieber concert today... even though its killing me.

Teenage Belieber: AWWWWW, YGF!
by xmenfirstclassisawesome June 18, 2011
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