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another word for YES if you are feeling especially cheerful and overwhelmed with happiness.
YEEP he has made me very happy
by Camelion Cole January 09, 2008
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Abbreviation for “Dude Arguing Online”.

Plural: “DAOs”

Coined by Twitter user @karakittel.
Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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Yeep” is a term of endearment spoken by Amish folk from Chili, Wisconsin. Oftentimes, if you strain your ears and quiet your thoughts, you will hear a softly spoken “Yeep” as two buggies pass each other on the gravel road at night.
The word originates from the era of the great divide between the ruling regimes of the Amish Nation. The Stutzman family, known throughout the community for their prized sheep, stole a secret recipe that had been handed down from mother to daughter since the beginning of Amish time. The Yoder family, distraught with the loss of this age old recipe, stormed the gates of the Stutzman farm, proclaiming “thou shall deliver the scroll of Yoder henceforth to the rightful hand of Edith or we shall strike down upon thee with great vengeance” Ura Gingerich (neighbor of Stutzman’s and oldest of the Elders) heard the commotion and exclaimed “Yeep!” then called forth the families and demanded the Stutzman family sheep be placed in the care of the Yoder family. The Yoder’s took off with the sheep under their arms.
The word is a mix of two words, Yoder and shEEP. The recipe formerly known as “Yoder Vittles” is now marketed throughout the village as “Stutzman Sticks” The families share an uneasy peace between them, but there have been “incidents” lately hinting at another civil war. Elders “Yeep” at each other to remind themselves of the troubled times the community has suffered in the past. Ida Gingerich was quoted as saying “To Yeep at someone, is to offer them a look into your soul”

Ida, seeing Mary Stutzman in her buggy, softly proclaimed "Yeep" as he passed in his.

Amish parents, when unsure of the whereabouts of their offspring will sometime call out "Yeep!" this is known as a "Yeep Check" and is very effective when looking for stray children.
by PjMartn August 16, 2007
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Originating from the seattle area, this is a word that is used sarcastic to mean "no". It is most commonly used as a remark to a sarcastic comment someone may have made to the person saying yeep
"Emil should keep speaking"
by Kellen December 16, 2004
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when your excited and someone asks you a question and instead of seing "yep" or "yes" you say "yeep"
or maybe its was typo
Man1: Ayo you pullin up with the gang tomorrow?
Man2: Yeep
by funnyman696969 May 04, 2019
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Code word for yoga pants. Used in public when attractive female spotted in yoga pants.
"Jon, that's why 'Nothing is Permanent' is the slogan of our neighborhood, and if you really think about it..." "YEEPS!", interrupted Jon, and as Steve looked in the direction of his gaze, Steve saw lovely yeeps. Yoga pants.
by ShadyChi October 24, 2013
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yeep budz lets go get deet
originated in mother fuckin port dover!
by doverbud March 30, 2009
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