“They call me young dagger dick (ydd) that’s my handle yuh”
by deadinside699 October 22, 2018
YDD meaning young dagger dick referring to the nickname or other name of XXXtentacion
hey is that YDD's song?
by HAKTDOG September 16, 2018
YDD is also refering to a branch in programming known as YOLO DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT
I am doing ydd.
by yolodrivendevelopment January 9, 2013
Abbreviation of YAML-driven development, whereby a programmer attempts to reduce as much code as possible to a YAML configuration file which powers the application.
I Yamld hard today with some 10x YDD, saving me 10 weeks of dev time on the project
by bne ley May 3, 2018
Term for YandereDataDigger, a person who watches gore porn and stalks YandereDev.
Retard 1: Bro YDD is so awesome
Epic Gamer 2: She's a liberal get owned LIBTARD
by jewishnonracistman99 October 15, 2018
Some nn and makes cringe jokes
1.Yo look at YDD over there lmao
2.Hes such an nn
by xXgaydogXx October 6, 2019