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A word used by actual retards to make themselves feel better about being retarded.
Iamjohndoe- The Libtards want Anarchy and a nanny state!
Anyonewhocanread- Those two ideas are diametrically opposed.
Iamjohndoe- Say what? Fuck you Libtard!!!
by iamjohndoeisstupid August 23, 2018
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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An uninventive word coined by mainstream and internet conservatives, which fuses Liberal and Retard into what is basically a 5th-grade level insult. The term was created to mimic the Conservitard, which, unlike Libtard, actually uses an existing letter in the word, and therefore doesn't sound like something pulled out of a brain-dead pundit's ass. When this word comes up in conversations, it usually means you are dealing with someone with an Inferiority Complex. People who usually say this are ReTards (Republican Retards)
ReTard: "Hey, Libtard"

Reasonable person: "Bye, bitch"
by Supreme_Sucks March 23, 2017
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1. a pejorative term utilized by conservatives and some Republicans to insult Liberals specifically and Democrats in general. The term is portmanteau of 'liberal' and 'retard', suggesting that being a liberal is a mental deficit. The opposite of a libtard is a 'Retardlican' or simply, a Trump supporter.
Libtards tend to espouse useless concepts like equal rights for all, a social welfare net for all citizens, and not electing a reality tv personality to the presidency, or an accused rapist to the nation's highest court.

2. Anyone who uses facts to dispute conservative opinion.

3. Anyone who disagrees with a conservative at any time or for any reason.
That libtard kept using facts to disprove my deeply-held and unsubstantiated opinions
by 0Misterman October 11, 2018
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Meant to be used an insult, but in general the insult is redirected to the user. On most occasions it means that the user is ignoring the preponderance of evidence contrary to their beliefs and instead will rely on anecdotal evidence to buoy their argument.
I made a snowball, therefore global warming must not be happening. Global warming nuts are libtards.
by BigDBlaster April 18, 2016
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A term used by Republicans during political discussion (generally on the internet) with Liberals or Democrats. It is used in place of an actual response to an opinion given by a Liberal/Democrat.
The term is commonly followed by the term "Snowflake.
Democrat: I think Donald Trump is a fascist.

Republican: No, libtard! Aren't you just a snowflake?
by MicroshibeWindoge February 26, 2017
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The moniker for liberals implying that their policies are retarded
Did you hear that Libtard on MSNBC last night?
by Barry Soetero October 24, 2010
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