Gang located in North West London in Greenford, the members are mainly in Brentside Highschool and tend to be really agressive. To the point someone can chat on the internet and get their house egged in 2 hours.
Some kid: "this kid is annoying me! i wanna fight him!,"
Your average school drama consumer: "Oh I suggest you wouldn't, that's a YBZ gang member..,"
by Minemaster32367 April 2, 2021
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A sexy lit ass rapper/producer from Decatur, GA who was given the name because of being a lightskin African American. Derives from being called yellow boy.
YBZ is so fine, he got the best beats and youtube performances. lol
YBZ new album is called Vybz.
by Atlanta Angel September 10, 2020
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Rap Artist/Producer formally known as yella boi from shoot out boys / black mobb in Atlanta Ga in 2000s. Reinvented himself several times and makes great Art to represent Atlanta culture.
Ybz’ just dropped another hit 🎼
by Trap Music History July 26, 2021
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