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The guy from roblox that will eventually cringe at the fact he put himself up on this very sight. He also sets himself a target that if he sees this again he will hope to either have a korblox deathspeaker pack or a valkiyre or the headless horseman package. Otherwise he will be a developer.
"Jesus fucking christ, I really put myself up,"
Sciamachyx is a robloxian that originally was under the name of 1410xp and joined in 2016
by Minemaster32367 March 28, 2020
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A line in GTA San Andreas by big smoke on the last mission
cj) what, hit you that hard?

Big, smoke) I got, caught up in the money

Big smoke) and they'll all remember my name BIG SMOKE!

sound effects) cough, cough
by Minemaster32367 January 19, 2019
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Gang located in North West London in Greenford, the members are mainly in Brentside Highschool and tend to be really agressive. To the point someone can chat on the internet and get their house egged in 2 hours.
Some kid: "this kid is annoying me! i wanna fight him!,"
Your average school drama consumer: "Oh I suggest you wouldn't, that's a YBZ gang member..,"
by Minemaster32367 April 2, 2021
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