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Xitlaly is the girl of every mans dreams. She's strong and independent and always stays true to her ideals, however when she lets down her walls, she can be the cutest most innocent girl ever. Xitlaly is beautiful mind, body and soul, shes down to earth, caring, and uniquely charming . Anyone who gets the chance to earn her love will be the luckiest person in the world.
Did you hear Xitlaly already has four guys that want to go to formal with her, thats so Xitlaly.

That girl is so lovely, she takes my breath away, she must be a Xitlaly.

Dang, Citlali means the world to me, I love her
by Ernest Ellison December 07, 2011
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some one wild and needs to be put on a leash!

some one who is sexual

someone who is bossy and knows what she wants
someone who is mexican brown eyes and long black hair
someone who has a bitchy dog
someone who has a lot of energy
someone who has a big ass and boobs now thats a xitlaly
by xitlaly February 03, 2010
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