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A man who thinks Xbox is superior to that of PlayStation and tends to attack anyone who thinks otherwise. This is a type of gamer that tends to comment-bash on every PS/other console related post and spam with hate, as well as buying anything related to Xbox, let along Microsoft in general.
James: "Eyo, Jose! Check out this Xbox nigga!"

Jose: "Damn, he really thinks his game console is far superior, eh?"

James: "Ha, he wishes!"
by Comethazine666 March 06, 2019
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A faggot that only likes to play roblox that likes to masturbate to gay porn. Xbox faggots have 1 inch dicks and no friends. The only roast Xbox Fags can say is β€œYou can’t play roblox fucking loser”
PS4 Players say shut your dumbass Roblox playing head ass up
Xbox Nigga replys with At least my faggot ass can play Roblox
by VirginForLifw February 17, 2019
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A broke ass uneducated nigga that sits at home smoking playing Xbox all day that sends his girl to work to make the money. As she comes home and the door opens he's got his hand out taken her money.
Broke ass xbox niggas taken advantage of women.
by Jnuts36 September 13, 2018
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a xbox nigga is a person who plays xbox all the time.
person 1: yo what is that guy playing?

person 2: hes playing xbox

person 1: what a xbox nigga
via giphy
by newt newt111 September 13, 2019
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The most superior of the gaming world but doesn't have time for people that are on playstation. We enjoy are selves and are very social. We can beat if we have the confidence we can beat any other console.
Wow this dude is definitely an xbox nigga because how he is so muture and social
by Gt Vetive February 14, 2019
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