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Souvlaki (international greek food)/Burger/Pizza (even when rotten) Eating Machine. Usually found with remains of the above stuck on its teeth. Only functions with the sound of thrash metal music, beer and a load of dirty clothes (worn for more than a year without being washed).
Also used as a sound machine by Wrecking Havoc (a thrash metal band from Greece). Also produces farts/burps of great and deep sound (Warning! You will be safe only if you are 1km+ away when this funtions are performed).

--Extra information: Has a stiny dick, which is attracted to hair straighteners (especially the one owned by some guy named Frank).

--Greatest Addictions: Cigarettes (which someone else baught for it), Beer (same as above), Food (SAME AS ABOVE), Raki (which usually causes its violent reaction on poor little boys sharing the same name (Xaroulis) and beautiful 18 year old girls with big boobs (guess who).
Also sounds like an old house's door when recharging (sleeping).
Can also live for 8 days using 1 pair of boxers (which can be also used in the sea as a swimming suit, since the God prevents it from buying an actual one) and 1 Misfits T-shirt.

Example 1.
E.:Man, something smells awful!
M.:Well see who 's here.
Xaris.: Prrrrrr (farts)

Example 2.
E.:Shit, the burger sticks on my teeth!
M.:Have you been spending a lot time with your Xaris lately?

Example 3.
a girl (M) sits on a pizza
Now it's more tasty! The Xaris said.

Example 4.
E.:I cant! I cant take it anymoreeee! (while splashing water and smacks accidentaly her forehead)
Xaris: Malaka, trompareis?

Xaris' famous quotes

-> "Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
-> "Moneeeeeey!!!"
-> "I 'm hungry!"
-> "Emiiii *zzzzz* nerooo *zzzz*" "mh fwnazeis gamw thn panagia (emi)"
-> "Oh, no! Don't talk like this about our little anarchists!"
-> "Thanatossss, o thanatos mou einai o .... thanatos... thanatos... allwn... thanatos etc (using mostly the word thanatos)
-> "He was the human wisdom itself! I swear! And then he dissapeared behind a column!"

by tsimpouklez-vous November 05, 2008
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