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The opposite of C++, the incredibly versatile programming language. X== is the single worst programming language, and requires lots of Alt codes to be entered on a near constant basis. (Most often Alt+0181 and Alt+21 in an annoyingly repeated fashion.)

X== was developed in the early 2000's by a currently unidentified programmer that wanted to annoy his friends, all of which were coincedentally allergic to beets.

Most X== programmers kill themselves after a short period of time, but have difficulty because of the near-immobility of their hands/wrists brought about by abnormally advanced stages of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Programmer: "I am going to write my new program in X==!"

*a few months pass*

Programmer: "What was I thinking?"

*Programmer kills himself*

by Alvar Hanso April 22, 2009
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