To close a computer program. Refers to the fact that on computers, the button to close a program is represented by an x. Usually used by people who don't know much about computers to begin with.
1: "Ok, now I'm supposed to x out of internet explorer?"
2: "Yes. But get firefox, for the love of god."
by Cobrabb July 13, 2010
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to delete sth written from a list, record, etc by ticking it, crossing it over, drawing a line through it, etc.
- Her name got X'ed out from the list.
- If you behave yourself, she'll probably X out your name from report.
- Guess what! You just got X'ed from the director's record.
by André Bretas September 30, 2006
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The type of dance accompanying jungle/ drum and bass music. similar to jump style but quicker and more intricate
hey man, check that guys x-outing"
by eumo August 29, 2008
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to close an internet browser by using the little red x in the corner.
x out of that window and open a new one
by kristen March 12, 2005
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removed from a list, forum, etc. (probably from the act of placing and x next to or on something on a list to indicate that it has been removed or has been done)
I,m in line to x out that fuck from the server.
by Light Joker April 30, 2007
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A dance created by the genius minds of Hungarian emolists. Consists of various kicks and hops in rythem with a fast paced DnB song.

Very similar and possibly derived from the C-Walk and Jumpstyle - the gayness.
Jordan A.K.A. BanControl is a champion of the X-Outing dance despite the fact that he is American. He just stepped to "Clarets March" by Spor.

Kakoc sucks because he steals...
by bancontrol April 13, 2009
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X Finds Out His Value Is The Debute Of Four And X,
Its a video that is an algebra tutorial thing.
X and four make a return in BFB. As The Host And Co-Host. The other algebrians also pop up in the "Milestone Show"
X Finds Out His Value Helped me at algebra!
by El Guh, The milk and cereal September 9, 2022
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