Very recently the practice of deliberately selecting annoying or extreme music on an mp3 jukebox to cause irritation to others has become known as Wyatting. This is a reference to prog/artrock musician Robert Wyatt and his 'Dondestan' album, typical of the kind of record a Wyatter would choose. It is generally agreed that the most effective music for Wyatting is that of US avant-garde quasi-operatic vocalist Diamanda Galas. Other common choices include the most well known exponents of free-jazz, improv/noise music and euro-prog-metal, though the latter is chosen because it is considered naff, uncool and embarassing, not because it has the effect normally required of music regarded as good for Wyatting.
Some idiot's Wyatting, this is the second no-wave record in a row.
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
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Your best friend that's usually a great guy but is even cockier than Donald Trump when it comes to gaming skills. He is extremely tall and has a tiny penis.
Wyat is a cock.
by Unknown Prick Whorebag September 20, 2015
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Your best friend usually is a great guy but usually smells like weed on the majority. Cocky, loyal, relaxed.
Hit up wyat
by MoistResidue March 02, 2016
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He is a sexy person, he is a wealthy person. Also he usually is the best gamer, and gets all the girls
Wyat is very handsome, and generous
by Neveah likes jailah July 04, 2019
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