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Actually better than most people think. The wanker who wrote the other report obv hasn't got a clue of what it is like or more than likley been down to Caia Park and got kicked in. If u see the countryside and the people in rhos, Jtown etc you will see how nice and actually how friendly we all are. So for the person above me stfu
"The guy got kicked in at the worst area in wrexham"
by Jono333 May 04, 2005
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that well known polish capital of wales, wrexham!
when jack lived in wrexham the workers from a hotel moved in next door and half of them were polish...
they all drive the arriva buses!!!!!!!
and that bastard with the moustache never gives me 5p change...he banned my mates mum!!!

wrexham lager wrexham lager feed me now forever more!!!
wrexham is the name

love ez rhi n jack woo!
by Rhibee March 19, 2007
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1 "rex" from latin and "ham" from saxon, the name means "King's Town"
2 In reality, the most dirtiest, deprived, ugliest, dangerous and nastiest places I have encountered on the planet (from over thirty countries). In North East Wales, one of the UK's most economically backward areas. Full of chavs, welfare scroungers, honest people desperate to leave, awful buildings and a very corrupt local council. Wrexham is an ideal place to breed BNP sympathy, as now they have moved hundreds of illegal immigrants there. Please, just bomb it. Flat. With napalm. Anthrax. Anything.
Try to think of ten good things about, or from, Wrexham....
No, neither could I.
by gremlin February 22, 2005
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