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the most intelligent,creative person youll come across. when he plays his guitar his genuine air about him just, makes you blush. hes a real catch, and he'll teach you to trust again. vulnerable at times, his heart is precious. if you know him, tell him how beautiful he is on a daily basis. never break his trust, ever. he does not hand himself over to people easily, and when he does, be grateful that he trusts you. thats a gift within itself. hes one gentle lion at heart, and his blonde mane of hair looks so soft to touch.

hes handsome, but hes modest. hes the type of guy that you can tell just by how gently he pets his cat, or plays his guitar, that he'd be a wonderful lover to have. he'll want to see you without makeup, and tell you you're beautiful, always. you've just gotta love this guy. by the way, when you say the word water, it can stir up a bit of confusion
Person A: I met this amazing guy, he makes me crazy and I love it, finally someone who just...gets me
Person B: He must be a wouter!
by iceshot11 February 16, 2013
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Someone who throws a party but ends up insanely drunk causing him to throw up in his own backyard and pass out on the ground.
Why where you such a wouter yesterday? You missed out on a great party
by JHamHam March 16, 2010
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The eternal love-god of the mythological class of female-nymphomaniac creatures, the Gillianus Maternity. Said to be the source of thunder, which previously was misunderstood to be the sound of Zeus roaring, but has now been replaced as the roaring of the Gillanus Maternity under the assault of their Wouters.
Wow, wouter was really having it last night. I could hardly sleep..
by Kindfriend May 11, 2011
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Somebody who performs oral-sex to teachers in trade for good results
A: "Look that guy over there, he's got an 9,5 for his biology test"
B: "He's such a Wouter!"
by LyzaaX February 14, 2009
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