When addressing more than one situation at a time.
Alaine, uit was a clever ruse.
by vic uhlman April 29, 2008
south african slang for someone who's greedy
Stop eating so much you are uit gevriet.
You uit gevriet damn give someone else a chance also
by M Sedg April 17, 2016
when something is very wholesome and cute (in a platonic manner) it makes you want to baby them
person 1: "omg did you see she cried when an ikd person was eating alone"

person 2: "yeah, thats so uite bebie!"
by your.____.mom December 19, 2021
To law-suit someone pantsless, in large volume with mostly insufficient reason, or with the sole intent of hindering them.
His company's being law-s(cr)uited in 47 states--most of the claims are being dismissed, but it's slowing production down.
by 30 Watts April 9, 2006
originated by Leah.

when someone is so wholesome and adorable you want to baby them (can be romantic but usually platonic)
person 1: my grandmother is so sweet she gave me jam

person 2: your grandmother sounds so uite bebie
by strawberrylays May 31, 2022