Someone sent from the afterlife to destroy your group,club,secret cheerleader squad or possibly your organs. You go on your missions , raping, stealing, killing,lying etc. This person is the ultimate deciever and master of manipulation and is usually seen as handicapped , dumb, weak. But that is how it they want you to think about them.. They are very dangerous, but can sometimes decide to just destroy you instead of your entire gratto. They only thing you can do is wonder how they done this. Then you will hear a song getting louder. Wake up Dead by Megadeth .
Wiseman:1 I told you all not to provoke that one.He is your Worst Nightmare
Duck hurter: But he is the sister to Groot..I hate Groot .
WorstNightmare: Gee Whiz you are the sex offender who like kids? How's your wife or ex wife? How's your Job going? I like you buddy.I'm not too smart like you are.. don't forget your blood work.
by Mrs VAL June 16, 2022
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the feeling after you penetrate a nigerians lips and are blessed with HIV
jordans worst nightmare z***e
by stefan condello April 29, 2011
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for a female: receiving a load the size of a Peter North 8 roper on the face, with a majority of it finding its way into the eye.
Felicia: What did you do last night?
Rachel: Steve came over, it was fine up until the end. I couldn't sleep after, look how bloodshot my eyes are.
Felicia: Wow, that must be your worst nightmare.
by B Smes September 13, 2008
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there is this random chad name madframe who tried to steal all the avocados from Mexico
Mexican Government worst Nightmare(Madframe) will rule Mexico in a future lifetime, and a rebellion by shadical
by crackheads >:) April 30, 2021
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Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna run around and desert you.
Never gonna make you cry,
Never gonna say goodbye,
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.
by RUMI EDITS November 4, 2022
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