WorldSuck is a scale used to quantify the bad in the world, it is the opposite of awesome. The Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck was created during the Brotherhood 2.0 project by Hank Green and John Green. It is believed by many that WorldSuck levels are rising, however, the Nerdfighters are continuing to fight against WorldSuck on an almost constant basis.
World Suck is determined by five suck levels:
Blue Colored Low - Sucks like Corndogs(which don't suck)
Green Colored Guarded - Sucks like eating thirteen Peeps
Yellow Colored Elevated - Sucks like pooping in your pants
Orange Colored High - Sucks like pooping in my pants
Red Colored Severe - Sucks like malaria
Nerdfighters fight to decrease WorldSuck.

WorldSuck levels reached suck-level blue, the lowest it has ever been. This drop in WorldSuck resulted from the Secret Project for Awesome in which the nerds took over YouTube for an entire day. Really though... Pwn Train.
by OhKissHer February 20, 2009
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worldsuck is difficult to define but was coined by Hank & john green of the Vlogbrothers
Stuff like malaria increases worldsuck whereas stuff like Corndogs decreases worldsuck

"im going to go nerdfighter on their ass to reduce worldsuck" <--nerdfighter

"im going to spread my cold among the city to increase worldsuck" <--decepticon
by Dorus February 28, 2009
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Refers to the bad in the world and things that generally "suck". The idea is to decrease the amount of worldsuck which you can do by donating your time and money.
"Christian help me fight worldsuck." Kayla exclaimed.

"This relay for life will help us to defeat worldsuck."
by DancingLyrics17 February 18, 2017
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Another one of the Green's brothers attempt at being anything but pathetic. This term signifies the total "suck" of the world. They have a site in which you donate money to "decrease world suck". Which means you can't prove how they use it and it most likely will never decrease anything bad in this world so you are just giving money to two douche bags who try too hard to be cool. One by leeching off of his brother's influence in young little girls with daddy issues who think John Green is God because he writes about BJs and that is just "so cool!"
John: Donate money to my WorldSuck organization so that world suck can be decreased! Don't mind the lack of evidence of what I'm doing with the money you rightfully earned! I'm a bestseller, trust me.
Hank: Isn't that the scam-
John Green pounces on his brother and shuts him up
by JohnGreensuckscock April 26, 2013
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It's the total amount of suck in the world.
Nerdfighter's fight to decrease worldsuck everywhere.
by epicmickey March 13, 2011
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