A cringe-worthy expression that companies use to lie to themselves in a derisible attempt to "re-brand" their public image.
Online Customer1: Wow, the AMEX website calls the company "world class" now.
Online Customer2: Losers.
by antongun June 18, 2008
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A word used to define someone or something amazing.
You- Hey I just scored 2 Tickets to the Jets game!
Friend- what? Omg your world class
by Smartypants06 January 7, 2019
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1- fine vagina

2- the type of vagina i dream of every night.
Me: "ah ah ah what a fine vagina!! ah its a world class vagina!!!!

Wife: "wake up jerk ass hole!!!"
by LuvSr78 January 25, 2014
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A vagina that's been doing so good. Completely natural and harnessed by perfection that has been reached by fine vaginal pH. For levels below, see: beginner, amateur, semi-pro and professional vaginas.
"My vagina has been doing so well recently. I mean look at it - back to world class!"

"How do you maintain these world class vagina levels?"

"Honestly diet. Nothing else"
by coltnavy January 28, 2020
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Ever heard of world class bullshitters?
Yeah, they are the epitome of pop culture.
by Jalapeno1989 October 8, 2018
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