A software application used to bring an organization to a screaming halt
Everything was working great at our company, then we installed Workday and nothing works.
by ChasinAmy June 25, 2021
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Any sort of sexual activity done during the days of Monday-Thursday.

Any sort of sexual favors received during a non-weekend.
Mark: Dude, did you hook up with Susan on Tuesday?

Jack: Hell yeah, man! Workday Play!
by definitiondude111 April 14, 2010
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When you and your loved one skip out on work early to do something really cool....
Me and Ma'boo made a workday date to see a rehearsal of the Dance Theatre of Harlem.
by ZeAnonymousWordMaker January 22, 2016
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When a female seems hotter during the workday, than she actually is.
At 1:00pm on a Monday at work: wow Susan is hot!

At 10pm on Saturday at a club: Is that the same Susan from work? WTF

Susan is "middle-of-the-workday hot"
by Danswer88 December 17, 2008
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