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The feeling you get on your first day off after working long hours for many days. You're exhausted, and the feelings of soreness, lazyness, and headache are very similar to an alchohol induced hangover.
Working 40 hours in 3 consecutive days left me with a wicked work hangover.
by TomL9k June 17, 2009
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The feeling after long hours, days, or weeks of stressful and strenuous work. Similar to the feeling of a hangover, including headaches, body aches, antisocial behavior and short temper. Cured only by sleep, or alcohol.
Dawg, I'm nursing a gnarly work hangover; lets hit the bar so I can chase this shit off.
by Primer Gray November 17, 2010
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The result of working so much that you can't function normaly when you finally have time off
I wasn't drinking last night, I have a work hangover
by maka-d May 20, 2012
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