Used to describe when you're verbose, garrulous, loquacious and can't spell.
Sorry I was a little wordly and antipathetic last was all part of God's plan.☘️
by Shougo April 30, 2022
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The combination of "word" and "gnarly" created by Charlotte and SarahJane.
Symbolised by clenched fists with the thumb and little finger out in a twisting motion.
That P!ATD concert was wordly!
by SAJJJJ. August 31, 2010
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Not to be confused with wordiness, which is using more words than is necessary.

Wordliness is similar to worldliness. It is the capacity for someone to use a vast plethora of words/phrases in a sophisticated and intelligent manner, usually with far more scope than the average individual.

An individual who is wordly is someone for whom language is both a joy and an adventure. You would describe someone as wordly in the same way that you would describe other individuals as worldly. Again, be careful not to confuse wordly with wordy.
Shakespeare demonstrates far greater wordliness than the average individual; he is unthinkably wordly.
by anselhelm January 26, 2011
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adj: Awesome, excellent, or otherwise worthy of satisfaction or praise. Generally used in response to a pleasing situation or proposition, or to describe something that "kicks ass." Is sometimes used as a synonym for indeed. It is predominantly used in the Northeastern sector of the United States.
"Hey, Mike's having a massive party tonight."

"That was a wordly performance you just pulled off."
by Oni Ookami Alfador November 27, 2006
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A horible english vocab learning book that is hell.
Teacher: Ok this year we are going to be using wordly wise books.
students: F***. ****Jumps out nearby windows while on the seventh floor****
by HiMyNameIsEllaDelmarGoStalkMe! November 7, 2018
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