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A slang word for graphics card, as in the computer component. Used by overclockers and modders the world over since it's quicker to write.
Got my new grakka in the post today!
by anselhelm January 19, 2004
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"Go Figure". Used less often as the meaning of gf, but shows itself occasionally, mostly via online gaming or chat.
Person 1: Why the hell do people like Macs anyway?
Person 2: Dunno, gf mac zealots.
by anselhelm May 1, 2007
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Lyst comes from old Norse and has started to find its way into English as another word for lust, passion or desire.

Its usage is mostly by European songsmiths (such as ATB) who employ a fluid usage of language.

As such, most people will write "lyst" as "list", not realising they've used the wrong word. This is a common problem with older words, such as "tryst", as people assume spellings rather than check against meaning.
"Remember that wall
Where we used to hide
And the world seemed so dark and cold outside
Remember that field
Where we used to kiss
And the rain washed away our secret lyst"

lyrics from "Long Way Home" by ATB
by anselhelm May 24, 2009
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1. From a distance away.
2. Having the qualities of being quite a distance from something.
1. He sent a bedistanced hello to her via email.
2. They were quite the bedistanced couple.
by anselhelm November 15, 2011
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Not to be confused with "blinvisible" or "blimvisible", this is when a person of black culture has so much bling on their body that they actually create a localised disturbance in the quantum reality around them and become invisible to the naked eye. Hence "blingvisible".
"Damn shorty, you gone blingvisible on ma ass!"
by anselhelm April 28, 2005
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Purea (say "Pure-rea") is another way of describing a "pure" character (a character with a single skill or many skills higher than their combat level) in the MMORPG "Runescape" who also happens to be pretty much a noob.

The word comes from "pure" and "urea" & the combination of the two means a "pissing pure" (where "pissing" is synonymous with words such as "blasted", "bloody", "damned", or other vulgarities.)

Please note there is a vast different between a "noob" & a "newb" / "newbie". It should also not be confused with "froob" / "fr00b" or "choob" / "ch00b", which are slighly different.

Also please note that like the word "urea", "purea" is both the singular and plural form.
"Dizzam purea have flooded our Pest Control world!"
by anselhelm March 9, 2007
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Abbreviation for "talk to you more soon".
I'll write to you more when I can.
by anselhelm May 13, 2008
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