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(verb) describes the breathless amazing feeling of great pleasure that a person gets from reading what someone else has written.
I was looking at Jean and I thought, wow!! She is the single most intelligent, beautiful, spirited woman i have ever known.

Upon Jeans reading those words, she may experience a wordgasm.


Wow, did you see what Avery wrote in his essay about patriotism? It was so incredible, I was breathless after reading it...wordgasm!
by Jean348 February 15, 2010
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The explosion of pleasure that pulses through the brain and down into the body when one takes a Words With Friends move that is extremely high scoring, uses all tiles/letters/ or pulls one into the lead by at least 100 points. Intensity of the waves of the Wordgasm are directly linked to how high of score one attains.
"OMG I totally just had a WORDGASM from placing the letters for the word "except" on the triple word space! 70 pointer oh yessss oh yessssssss uhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh yessss!!!!!"
by woopsi April 26, 2012
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Wordgasm: verb; when you talk to someone and you are the one mainly speaking. To have a random outburst of words.
Tyler, talk to me! I feel like I'm wordgasm-ing!!

I wasn' t really talking to him. It felt more like a wordgasm t me.
by DjLyzzyKatt December 11, 2008
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Used in the familiar. Derivative of the slang "word." Used to emphasize, or otherwise acknowledge in agreement, an idea with a peer; expressing a large amount of excitement. See wordism.
Tom: "Can I watch you and your girlfriend make-out?"
Jane: "If she's okay with the idea..."
Tom: "Wordgasm!"
by Tim H. February 08, 2004
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